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We would like to thank the following people and organizations who contributed to this web site in one way or another (listed alphabetically);

  • Art Sinclair VE3SQG & VA3TV - Art maintained the web site for many years prior to the new one being launched by VA3DFH & VE3MA on March 10, 2005.

  • Alex Malikov VE3MA - Alex created the new look and feel for the site that was launched on March 10, 2005.

  • Dave Harford VA3DFH - Dave took the format from Alex, and re-formatted the coding to enable the site to use considerably less space. As well, Dave is responsible for the entire database concept and programming the code to show the various views of the data.

  • Lorne Jackson VE3CXT - provided our legal statement, as well as advice on various topics and issues pertaining to this site.

  • . . . and the many members of MARC who contributed suggestions as well as tested the site prior to launch.

The following websites also were instrumental or contributed to our website. Thanks also goes to (listed alphabetically);