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Club Activity Events Listing

Here is our calendar of club activities, speakers and events.
Events are updated by the executive into a database - check back often.
The page automatically shows the details from today, for a period of two weeks.
To toggle event details showing or not, click on event title.
Also, you can click on the icon to download the data into your local calendar.

January, 2020

05 Sunday MARC_Event_C912.vcs  Club Monthly Sunday Breakfast
09 Thursday MARC_Event_C909.vcs  MARC General Meeting
23 Thursday MARC_Event_C910.vcs  MARC General Meeting
26 Sunday NEWS
The MARC Winter 2020 Basic Class will begin March 2. Click here for course information and to register. Spots are limited so register early!
28 Tuesday MARC_Event_N402.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
Agenda: Tonight's Net Hosted by: VA3AZA / Brian
Location: The Club VHF Repeater at 145.430 MHz (-600 kHz) &/or UHF Repeater at 444.575MHz (+5.0MHz)
Time: 8:30 PM

February, 2020

04 Tuesday MARC_Event_N435.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
Agenda: Tonight's Net Hosted by: VA3AZA / Brian
Location: The Club VHF Repeater at 145.430 MHz (-600 kHz) &/or UHF Repeater at 444.575MHz (+5.0MHz)
Time: 8:30 PM
06 Thursday MARC_Event_C915.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
Agenda: Update reports from club executive and section managers and planning for coming events
This meeting deals with planning and issues so club meetings can be more socially oriented. Every MARC member is welcome to attend. Call us on the 2M repeater to access the building
Location: Club Station - side door of Danmax Electronics, 2311 Anson Drive. Unit B, Mississauga.
Time: 7:30 PM
08 Saturday MARC_Event_C917.vcs  Ontario VHF Association Meeting
Agenda: The OVHFA will be holding a post-ARRL January contest meeting at the MARC club station. Please contact Dana Shtun VE3DSS at if you'd like to attend.
Location: Danmax Electronics, 2311 Anson Drive, Unit B, Mississauga
Time: 10:00 AM
11 Tuesday MARC_Event_N434.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
13 Thursday MARC_Event_C913.vcs  MARC General Meeting
18 Tuesday MARC_Event_N433.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
25 Tuesday MARC_Event_N432.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
27 Thursday MARC_Event_C914.vcs  MARC General Meeting

March, 2020

03 Tuesday MARC_Event_N431.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
05 Thursday MARC_Event_C916.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
10 Tuesday MARC_Event_N401.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
17 Tuesday MARC_Event_N442.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
24 Tuesday MARC_Event_N430.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
31 Tuesday MARC_Event_N443.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

April, 2020

07 Tuesday MARC_Event_N403.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
14 Tuesday MARC_Event_N404.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
21 Tuesday MARC_Event_N441.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
28 Tuesday MARC_Event_N400.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

May, 2020

05 Tuesday MARC_Event_N399.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
12 Tuesday MARC_Event_N424.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
19 Tuesday MARC_Event_N429.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
26 Tuesday MARC_Event_N423.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

June, 2020

02 Tuesday MARC_Event_N422.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
09 Tuesday MARC_Event_N444.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
16 Tuesday MARC_Event_N428.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
23 Tuesday MARC_Event_N420.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
30 Tuesday MARC_Event_N419.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net