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Club Activity Events Listing

Here is our calendar of club activities, speakers and events.
Events are updated by the executive into a database - check back often.
The page automatically shows the details from today, for a period of two weeks.
To toggle event details showing or not, click on event title.
Also, you can click on the icon to download the data into your local calendar.

February, 2018

01 Thursday MARC_Event_C839.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
01 Thursday MARC_Event_C855.vcs  MARC Field Day 2018 First Planning Meeting
08 Thursday MARC_Event_C840.vcs  Club Meeting
19 Monday NEWS
Order your Ham-ex tables now and save $5 per table! Early table registration ends February 19th. See for details.
20 Tuesday MARC_Event_N411.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
Agenda: Tonight's Net Hosted by: VE3DBN / Donald
Location: The Club VHF Repeater at 145.430 MHz (-600 kHz) &/or UHF Repeater at 444.575MHz (+5.0MHz)
Time: 8:30 PM
22 Thursday MARC_Event_C853.vcs  Club Meeting
Agenda: Program: Basil JEB gives us a talk on what Digital Signal Processing is.
Most modern rigs have one DSP feature or another built into them. This talks takes away some of the magic and begins to explain what is going on with these processes.
Location: St. Thomas Beckett Anglican Church, 3535 South Common Court, Mississauga
Time: 7:30pm
27 Tuesday MARC_Event_N426.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
Agenda: Tonight's Net Hosted by: VE3TYP / Rick
Location: The Club VHF Repeater at 145.430 MHz (-600 kHz) &/or UHF Repeater at 444.575MHz (+5.0MHz)
Time: 8:30 PM

March, 2018

01 Thursday MARC_Event_C841.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
Agenda: Update reports from club executive and section managers and planning for coming events.
This meeting deals with planning and issues so club meeting can be more socially oriented. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come early and follow someone else in if you do not know the access door code.
Location: Club Station side door of Danmax Electronics, 2311 Anson Dr. Unit B, Mississauga
Time: 7:30pm
06 Tuesday MARC_Event_N410.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
08 Thursday MARC_Event_C848.vcs  Club Meeting
13 Tuesday MARC_Event_N409.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
20 Tuesday MARC_Event_N405.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
22 Thursday MARC_Event_C851.vcs  Club Meeting
27 Tuesday MARC_Event_N440.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

April, 2018

03 Tuesday MARC_Event_N425.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
05 Thursday MARC_Event_C852.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
10 Tuesday MARC_Event_N407.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
17 Tuesday MARC_Event_N406.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
24 Tuesday MARC_Event_N439.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

May, 2018

01 Tuesday MARC_Event_N437.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
08 Tuesday MARC_Event_N438.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
15 Tuesday MARC_Event_N436.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
22 Tuesday MARC_Event_N402.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
29 Tuesday MARC_Event_N435.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net

June, 2018

05 Tuesday MARC_Event_N434.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
12 Tuesday MARC_Event_N433.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
19 Tuesday MARC_Event_N432.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
26 Tuesday MARC_Event_N431.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net