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Club Activity Events Listing

Here is our calendar of club activities, speakers and events.
Events are updated by the executive into a database - check back often.
The page automatically shows the details from today, for a period of two weeks.
To toggle event details showing or not, click on event title.
Also, you can click on the icon to download the data into your local calendar.

August, 2018

20 Monday NEWS
MARC will be holding a Basic Course starting September 10 at 7:00 pm provided there is sufficient demand. Click here to register. See education page for location and costs.

September, 2018

06 Thursday MARC_Event_C864.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
13 Thursday MARC_Event_C865.vcs  Club Meeting
27 Thursday MARC_Event_C866.vcs  Club Meeting

October, 2018

04 Thursday MARC_Event_C867.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
11 Thursday MARC_Event_C868.vcs  Club Meeting
25 Thursday MARC_Event_C869.vcs  Club Meeting

November, 2018

01 Thursday MARC_Event_C871.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
08 Thursday MARC_Event_C872.vcs  Club Meeting
22 Thursday MARC_Event_C873.vcs  Club Meeting

December, 2018

06 Thursday MARC_Event_C874.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
13 Thursday MARC_Event_C875.vcs  Club Meeting

January, 2019

03 Thursday MARC_Event_C876.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting