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Club Activity Events Listing

Here is our calendar of club activities, speakers and events.
Events are updated by the executive into a database - check back often.
The page automatically shows the details from today, for a period of two weeks.
To toggle event details showing or not, click on event title.
Also, you can click on the icon to download the data into your local calendar.

February, 2019

07 Thursday MARC_Event_C879.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting & Field Day Planning
14 Thursday MARC_Event_C880.vcs  Club Meeting
15 Friday NEWS
VY0ERC antenna finding Pierre VE3KTB
15 Friday NEWS
Order your Ham-ex tables now and save $5 per table! Early table registration ends February 18th. See for details.
19 Tuesday MARC_Event_N418.vcs  VHF/UHF - 2 Meter Net
Agenda: Tonight's Net Hosted by: VE3DBN / Donald
Location: The Club VHF Repeater at 145.430 MHz (-600 kHz) &/or UHF Repeater at 444.575MHz (+5.0MHz)
Time: 8:30 PM
28 Thursday MARC_Event_C881.vcs  Club Meeting
Agenda: Presenters: Sohail ITU & Brian XBH tell us about using Packet Radio in 2019
Packet radio dates from the early 80's, and it is still going. Come and see a demo of how it can be worked almost 30 years on, and how ARES may use it.
Location: St. Thomas Beckett Anglican Church, 3535 South Common Court, Mississauga
Time: 7:30pm

March, 2019

07 Thursday MARC_Event_C882.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
14 Thursday MARC_Event_C883.vcs  Club Meeting
23 Saturday MARC_Event_C885.vcs  HAM-EX 2019 Canada's Top Amateur Radio & Electronic Show
28 Thursday MARC_Event_C884.vcs  Club Meeting

April, 2019

04 Thursday MARC_Event_C886.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
11 Thursday MARC_Event_C887.vcs  Club Meeting
25 Thursday MARC_Event_C888.vcs  Club Meeting

May, 2019

02 Thursday MARC_Event_C889.vcs  MARC Executive Meeting
09 Thursday MARC_Event_C890.vcs  Club Meeting
23 Thursday MARC_Event_C891.vcs  Club Meeting

June, 2019

06 Thursday MARC_Event_C892.vcs  MARC Executive & FD Final Planning Meeting
13 Thursday MARC_Event_C893.vcs  Club Meeting- Final before summer break