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MARC Club Station Information


The club station is located at the premises of Danmax Electronics.
The street address is 2311 Anson Drive Unit B, Mississauga, Ontario.



Directions: turn North onto Torbram Rd from Derry Road, turn West (left) onto the second street (Anson Drive) and go almost to the end, looking for the antennas. Danmax is on the north (right) side, directly across from the only street intersecting Anson Drive (the street apparently being called, completely in tune with its rural bucolic surroundings, Fir Tree Drive {I kid you not}). Visitors should park on said Fir Tree Drive, being careful about the location of the no parking signs.


Our usual hangout after being at the club station is at the nearest Tim Horton's on Dixie Road, on the West side just South of Derry.