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The VE3MIS Packet BBS is a Full-Service Packet Radio BBS, AXIP Node and provides connectivity to the Winlink 2000.

The BBS run on a Raspberry Pi and uses the linBPQ software developed by John Wiseman, G8BPQ.

The BBS operates under the call Mississauga Amateur Radio Club call of VE3MIS and has been in service since 2008. It is online 24/7 and currently operates as a standalone BBS and has email connectivity to SMTP email via Winlink gateway built into the linBPQ software. We are actively looking to interconnect with other local Packet BBS by means of our association with SOPRA (Southern Ontario Packet Radio Association).

The FIRST time that you access the BBS you will need to register your callsign. This MUST be done interactively so connect by means of a simple terminal emulation program such as hyperterminal, WinPack, or the interactive feature in Outpost.

If using Outpost (HIGHLY recommended) please make sure you are using version v2.4 c082 or later as any earlier version will not work. Effective April 2016 the Winlink 2000 team made it mandatory that all accounts be passworded protected. To use VE3MIS BBS to access Winlink 2000 you will need to first set your password on the Winlink 2000 system, for further information. Once the password is set on you will then need to set the same password on the VE3MIS BBS. To set the password you will need to connect interactively with VE3MIS BBS and set the Winlink 2000 password using the CMSPASS command or it can be entered directly by the SYSOP.

When sending to SMTP email recipient the email address MUST be prefixed with "rms:" for the message to be routed to Winlink 2000, for example -

Connect to the VE3MIS BBS using the SSID VE3MIS on a frequency of 144.970 simplex.