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Regional BBS

The regional BBS that Mississauga ARES members should be familiar with in case that VE3MIS in unavailable are:
Node Callsign Location Frequency
VE3PRC-1 (BBS) Brampton 145.010 (Simplex)
VA3BAL (Node) Ballantrae 145.630 (Simplex)
BBSBAL (BBS) Ballantrae 145.630 (Simplex)
VE3PKG (Node) GeorgeTown 145.610 (Simplex)
VE3CON (BBS & Node) Etobicoke 145.030 (Simplex)
Further information on the Southern Ontario Packet Radio Association can be found here.
Please report any errors or omissions to the VE3MIS Packet BBS SysOp email Daniel Goodier, VE3NI.