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ARES Documents



  • NVIS AS-2259 Antenna By Mike Melland, W9WIS
  • HT Antenna Modification For Increased Performance
  • Sept 2010 CQ Article-Worst to First - how Hall County amateurs turned EmComm around

    Operational (Public)

  • Emergency and Disaster Radio Operating Procedures
  • Mississauga ARES Net Script

    Operational (Members Only)

  • ARES simplex frequencies are member restricted and available to Mississauga ARES members in the Mississauga ARES Yahoo group.


  • The RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual
  • ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
  • Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service - Industry Canada (RBR-4)
  • Radiocommunication Regulations - Industry Canada (RR)
  • RAC ARES Operations Training Manual