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City of Mississauga - Emergency Preparedness Day 2010

Emergency Preparedness Day 2010 went very well. At first it seemed that the location was not a very good one but when the kids started coming in things got busy.

I think letting the kids talk on the radio made our booth attractive. Thanks to Jim JIW, Ed, VA3TPV, and John, VA3JOC for speaking to the kids. A number of other groups were able to draw crowds to their booth with the use of giveaways (swag). The city gave them cute pens, paramedics temporary tattoos, and Credit Valley Conservation gave young spruce saplings. I am thinking we should give away HTs :-). Just kidding! Getting them to talk is more than enough to attract crowds!

One lesson learnt that if the antenna is too close to the radio (< 6 ft) the radio will shut down as soon as we press PTT. It baffled us at first but we moved the antenna as far as we could and all was fine after that.

Thanks to Bob,VE3XBB, we had a nice table cloth and enough things to place on the two tables. We used Bob's video (Walter Cronkite) and played it on the laptop. For next time I would recommend we have a display with ARES photos and highlight as we did for HamEx.

We did have some interest from some of the other exhibitors in taking Amateur Radio classes for their license. A representative from EMO was eager to come out for Field Day as she lives close by in Streetsville.